10 Tips to Sell your Home in a Tough Market

We would all like to sell our homes quickly and get the price we’re looking for, but when selling your home in a tough market, your dream is not likely to become a reality if you don’t put in some much-needed effort.

There are, however, a few ways that can help you to sell your home faster and have more people interested in it in the first place.

Here are 10 tips for selling your home in a tough market:

1- Have the most competitive price in your neighborhood

This may not seem like the ideal thing to do, but it’s more likely to attract interest if it looks as though your home offers the best bargain on the block. Use a comparables chart to show home buyers the difference between your home and the ones around you.

Most of the home sellers are not ready to adapt to a dull market and wish to have the price they would have commanded in a booming market.

You are better off starting with a competitive price than end up having to readjust your asking price in a few weeks’ time.

2- Master your curb appeal

When your property is advertised, the exterior of the house is displayed before any of the rooms are. This makes it so important to create a good first impression. Not many people will consider buying a house that looks like it’s in need of repair and has bad paintwork.

Paint your front door, paint your fence and make sure you keep your garden tidy. Additionally when taking listing photos remove any dumpsters, trash cans and other such ugly things.

3- Keep rooms neat and tidy

It’s very important that you keep all your rooms clean and as clutter-free as possible if you want to make a quick sale. Potential buyers should be able to determine the size of the rooms and feel comfortable in the house. Also take care of any unpleasant odors in your house and boil water with cinnamon during visits. Bad odors are the biggest turn off but easiest to fix.

4- Store things away

If you’re looking to make a quick sale, you might want to think about putting a few things in storage. Non-essential items and anything that’s cluttering up the basement and garage should be moved out the way and perhaps out of the home altogether. This will create extra visible space in your house and also work in your favor if you need to move out quickly.

5- Be prepared to negotiate

Be prepared to negotiate with buyers or buyer’s agents; you need to remain ahead of the curve and other sellers if you want to sell your home and ensure it doesn’t remain on the market longer than it needs to.

6- Make a good inside impression

As with first impressions, inside impressions count too, because there are so many houses on the market these days, not many people will want to make the effort to fix up a home that’s in need of repair. Try to get all the cheap repairs and paintwork problems fixed before you put the house on the market.

7- Avoid unique home improvements

If you decide to go for some home improvements, set aside your personal preferences. You are remodeling your home to sell it, not to keep living in it. Choose colors and designs that would please the masses. Study local demographics and opt for home improvements that would broaden your prospective customer base.

8-Use your social networks

Think about advertising your home on social networks and using your friends’ networks as well. This way, you’re more likely to get people interested.

9- Make time to show your home

Always make time to show potential buyers around, it will add a personal touch and you can tell them what you love about the house, therefore helping to encourage a sale.

10- Depersonalize

Family photographs are personal, and anyone looking around your property may feel they’re intruding in someone else’s home if there are photographs all over the place, therefore remove such personal items and make it easy for them to feel like they can call this place their own.

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