Becoming a Homebuyer

Long before you visit your Mortgage Agent or start attending grand openings, model previews or VIP events, you should undertake a thorough self education process that involves learning the basics of mortgages, reviewing your personal finances and researching your prospective home market. Managing this process also includes any developments in your job security and credit worthiness.

Remember, when you buy a home or condo, you don't buy a national market or even provincial, regional or metropolitan one but one property on one street in a particular area of a city or town. What happens in one neighbourhood, one city, one street could be completely different and certainly from building to building. What's challenging in one market might be a cause growth in another.

Don't be overly concerned or excited by national trends and averages, just pay attention to them and file them as part of your research. Take a long term view of your home-buying decision.