Where to Start?

Where To Start? This is the most common question asked by home-owners when cleaning up the house. Choosing a place to begin is usually the most difficult part, especially if you're a very unorganized person. Start off by thinking about what you are trying to make room for. If your number one priority is to remove the weight of "financial burdens," the best place to start would be your home office where all papers are piled. If you're loking for more romance in your life, start at the bedroom, and from there keep going.

Planning it out

When planning out what to do, determine in advance how you will dispose of any items you no longer need. Any valuable pieces that you would rather not throw out, try selling them in a garage sale, or even givng them to charity works. Some charities are even willing to pick any items you are giving from your home if you call. These options help organize your home and give community members joy.


Try searching around your home and pick up any newspapers, used, damaged, or items with a part missing, and clothing items that are permanently stained or just don't fit. Doing this can clear out a lot of space and now you know that you have more room after removing all waste and uneccessary items.

Empty Spaces

Before reorganizing a closer, drawer, or cupboard, empty it out so that it makes it easier and everything is accsesible. Also because it's very motivating to see an empty closet, it's like starting off fresh, very gratifying feeling. However, when you are organizing a large area, begin to remove items from one section at a time, work on that, and then move on, otherwise it will get hectic and tiring.

Overcoming Procrastination

If you keep wondering about a certain thing to do and can't get yourself to get up and start working on it, then try thinking of what you will get out of the completion of this one task. Think about or write down 3 benifits of this project that you will gain after completing it, and for even more motivation, keep this somewhere that you can see it throughtout the day.


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