Buying versus Renting

With todays interest rates buying a home is more affordable than anytime in recent memory. Consider this scenario:


  • Currently in Kelowna you can rent a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a detached garage for approximately $1200. Assume that rent will increase by 3% per annum after 10 years this home will rent for $1565/month. After 25 years, over $2440/month!
  • Now even if rent did not increase for the first 5 years the rent for the first year would be $14,400. Over 5 years rent paid would be $72,000. The total equity the renter would earn would be $0.00
  • The same home can be purchased in Kelowna today for approximately $340,000. Assuming a down payment of $40,000 and interest rates as low as 2.89% the monthly payment would be $1405 with an annual payment of $16,680. Over 5 years the total payments would be $84,300.
  • The difference adds up to be $12,300 cheaper in favour of the renter over the 5 year term. However! The mortgage would have some principal repayment over those 5 years, $44,040 to be exact. So in fact the homeowner is $31,740 better off than the renter
  • Now assume a 3% increase in property value, the home worth $340,000 today would be worth $357,000 in 5 years time giving the homeowner an additional $17,000 in equity making them $48,740 better off than the renter
  • If you were to run the numbers out for the full 25 years the difference is over half a million dollars!


Play with the numbers yourself and notice how you're paying off more principal than interest after only one year of paying your mortgage! Amortization Calculator 

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