Getting your Expired Listing Sold

It seems like a simple premise when Selling your home, get it listed, get it sold. You hire a Realtor that you have a previous relationship with, is a family friend, was recommended to you or whatever other way you chose him or her. They come by and get the "For Sale" sign in the yard, snap a few pictures and then you all wait and hope that another Realtor will bring by a Buyer. 

But what happens when your contract expires and you've yet to receive an offer and your current Realtor is standing at your door asking you to sign an extension or relist with them? Do you? Should you? If you feel comfortable with them and feel they have been doing a great job and doing everything they said they would then by all means you should! However sometimes change is good, and that's where I come in. I specialize in turning expired listings into sold listings. 

In my experience there's 3 reasons a home doesn't sell:

1. Price: This is always a contentious issue with expired listings. The clients feel all the Realtor wants to do is reduce the price without doing anything else to sell the home, the Realtor feels the clients are being unreasonable on their flexability with price. I will do a comprehensive market evaluation on your home and go over everything with you. If the expired price is indeed reflective of the market conditions then we will move onto the next reason.

2. The Home: Occasionally a homes location is not ideal; busy road way, bad view or what have you. If marketed properly these conditions can be over come. Perhaps the home is not in an ideal condition. Among the professionals I associate with, I can offer free home staging advice, landscaping advice, painting advice and other needs that may arise. With good marketing and a bit of creativity any home can be made extremely desirable. 

3. Representation: Sometimes people discover that the Realtor they chose was not the right fit for them. Perhaps they weren't getting enough/any feedback on the homes showings. Or worse, perhaps there was a lack of or even no communication after the Realtor took the listing. I pride myself on open and honest communication and providing feedback as soon as I receive it. I also give market updates on all your homes online activity such as views and hits approximately every 3 weeks. I keep my clients informed of any market activity (new listings, sales and expireds) that happen in their area because when Selling your home you're very curious about that. I am also open to any ideas you may have in order to sell your home. If you have a unique marketing idea let me know about it. If it's feasable to implement then by all means I will. 

What I will do to get your home Sold:

Professional Phototgraphy: One of my biggest pet peeves is when I look on our Matrix site (the Realtors MLS System) and see only 3 or 4 photographs of a home obviously taken with a cell phone. When potential Buyers are looking online and see only a few pictures of the home, especially the ones of a corner of a room or a dark picture that makes it difficult to even understand what the picture is of, it leaves a bad impression and potential Buyers are less likely to want to view the home in person. I hire a Professional Photograper who takes fantastic pictures of your home and I use the maximum allowable amount of pictures in every marketing piece I produce. This gets potential Buyers excited about viewing your home in person as they can see how beautiful your home is before they even come!

Custom Property Brochures: I get a 4 page glossy, full colour brochure of your home produced to leave in your home for potential buyers to take with them after they view your place. The brochure includes all the pictures, specs of your home and a write up detailing how wonderful your home is. Unlike many other homes which either don't have brochures or just a one page feature sheet available to take, my brochures are a great take away for potential Buyers. After viewing multiple homes, my brochures stand and make the potential Buyers remember how perfect your home is for them!

Unique Property Domain and Website: I will your property its own dedicated web address which I will promote on your signage and in all my marketing inititaves. This allows potential Buyers the ability to view your property's web page in one easy step.

Internet and Social Media Advertising:  Approximately 97% of home buyers today start their search on the internet. With that in mind I ensure that your home is marketed on all the popular social media and classified ad sites such as: Castanet, Kijiji, FaceBook, YouTube, Craigslist, Welcome to, Point2Homes and many more. 

Newspaper Advertising: Despite most people starting their home buying search on the internet, newspaper advertising is a fantastic marketing device and one over looked by most Realtors. I run regular ads in the Kelowna Real Estate Weekly featuring your home and with a distribution to amost 50,000 homes I get great results. I also occassionally place ads in certain Alberta newspapers and with the Alberta economy picking up it exposes your home to a great many more potential Buyers!

In addition, I will promote your home to all our Century21 Realtors in our weekly office virtual tour, place your home on the Monthly Realtor Tour where Realtors from all brokerages are able to walk through your home on a set day and view it for their potential clients and hold open houses at your home. I do all this for every listing and at no cost to you!

I also offer you my personal gaurentee that if you feel I am not doing everything I promised or are just unhappy with my performance you may cancel the listing agreement at any time with no hassle! 

Contact me at any time if you want to discuss in person how I can assist you in getting your home SOLD! I look forward to working for you.

Nick Latondresse

Nick Latondresse

CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.
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