Winter time is not the peak time that most people look to buy or sell property.  It is said to be a bad time to enter the market.

That is not necessarily true. During the winter season, there will be less buyers and sellers, but those in the market tend to be more serious. It is obviously a situation where time is of the essence.

Both sellers and buyers have advantages and disadvantages that they need to keep in mind.



• You have the upper hand so take a more assertive negotiation stance – suggest that the seller pay closing costs, offer financing or leave furnishings behind.

• It doesn’t hurt to try your luck. If you don’t find a house that works for you, you could always pause your search and wait for a change in season. But if you do find that house, you have less chance of multiple offers and professionals, such as mortgage brokers, generally have a lighter schedule.

• Due Diligence – snow covers up old roofs and cracks in the foundation. To save some money, do preliminary research on obvious signs of issues in a house before paying for a professional inspector.



• Go above and beyond your regular cleanup. Show buyers that you have nothing to hide. Shovel sidewalks and clear paths for easy and safe access to your home

• Turn on the heat. Make the house comfortable enough to have the buyers linger awhile to see the beauty of your home

• Use timers or sensors to light up your home and outdoors. It is dark earlier in the evening during the winter; make your house inviting

• There is less inventory in the market therefore less competition for your house

• Statistically, more relocation happen in January, so waiting for the spring will be missing out on those numbers.

Either way, the other side of winter is the Christmas season. Spend time with family and friends, and enjoy it to the fullest.


Happy Holidays!!                                      

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