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All responsible agents will require that before you begin the fun process of looking for a home, you get pre-approved for a mortgage.  It is the best option for everyone involved.  Think about it.  How will it feel to find the perfect house that you believe will suit your every need, only to be declined for a mortgage, and have to ultimately walk away?  Save yourself the trouble.  Get pre-approved.

Unfortunately, depending on your financial history, it is not always an easy step to take.  Sometimes the beautiful and detailed dream in your head of the well-manicured lawn, with the themed rooms, looking just as good as anything you see on HGTV, seems unreachable, like it is surrounded by a wall of solid substance, filled with debt, previous financial mistakes, and an unstable income.

You are not alone, and real estate professionals are here to help.  But we can only help as much as you allow us to.  For example, do not lie about your financial state.  I understand how uncomfortable sharing the private details may be, but think about why you are sharing.  This is a step towards financial stability and freedom.  So let us know.  There are options that can be investigated, and implemented. 

So those walls can and will come down, as long as your motivated to make it happen.  Depending on your financial position, the process can be anywhere from 3 – 12 months, but never think of it as a lost cause.  Your house is a few steps away. 

Nicole Lowe

Nicole Lowe

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