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  1. What is your best real estate advice?


    My best Real Estate advice is to get a professional Realtor!  A great Realtor will assist you throughout the process from beginning to end. When purchasing a property, whether a house, condominium, or income property, your Realtor should assist you in making or solidifying a feasible list of what you are looking for from size to location to amenities and more. Keep in mind you are purchasing a property but you are also purchasing within a specific city, a community and a neighbourhood. A Realtor will then be able to apply this information to narrow down on properties that are the right fit for you. Realtors also have the background knowledge and experience to think outside the box, if needed, to find a property that will meet your needs and wants.  A great Realtor will also assist you to walk through all steps of the Real Estate transaction which for some can be very overwhelming. They are up-to-date with property values, are skilled negotiators, will ensure you have all the required documents and other professionals (Inspector, Lawyer) in place. Realtors are an invaluable resource aside from finding you the right property.

    2. What are people looking for in homes right now? 


    The concept good value for a reasonable price has always been around but is really in the forefront these days in the setting of the uncertain economy and recent recession. Currently a lot of people are cautious with purchasing and some are even downsizing as they may have been living outside of their means when Alberta was booming. Finding a home that will suit them/their family’s needs for a longer period of time is the goal for a lot of people.


    Even when it comes to New Homes, working with a Realtor is beneficial.  There is a lot of fine print in purchasing a New Home which a Realtor can help you navigate. Developers often have monthly sales to look out for but a Realtor can negotiate other things as well. 

    3. Are there any surprising new trends in real estate?


    Cities have been focusing on and investing in their densest zones, therefore creating a trend of people desiring to live closer to the core. Investing in the core not only attracts locals and enhances tourism, but also develops the city’s overall culture. In addition, people have a myriad of factors to consider when purchasing a property including but not limited to their commute to work, schools and extracurricular activities which also may make living closer to the core more beneficial.


    However, living closer to the core often may mean compromising on a smaller place. This is where the trend of forward-thinking designs with built in functionality is becoming more and more important. Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to a home.  Design, modern layouts, green space and functionality become vital so people can still enjoy the creature comforts and live the lifestyle they desire.


    Marketing trends are also shifting rapidly towards web applications, making it easier for all aspects of Real Estate to reach the most amount of people in the most efficient way.

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