Don't Let Old Man Winter Get You Down

They say us Manitobans are a hardy bunch, dealing with some extreme temperatures during our winter months.  Here are some handy home remedies to get us through ....

1.  If your car gets stuck in the snow, use kitty litter to gain traction under your tires. It's cost effective and easier on the environment than salt laden products.

2.  Grab a pair of old socks and put them on your windshield wipers.  Snow won't stick  to them.

3.  Clean your car as often as possible.  The de-icing products can be very corrosive to the surfaces they come in contact with.

4.  To get under your car clean, run your sprinkler, on a warm day, for 30 minutes to release all the grit and grime.

5.  If you get stuck, and have nothing on hand to assist you, pull out your car mats, they will give you added traction.

6.  Make your own winter windshield washer fluid from two quarts rubbing alcohol, one cup water, and one teaspoon of dish detergent.

7.  To prevent ice from forming on your windshield, spray it with a mixture of 3:1 vinegar/water.  You will still need to remove the snow.

8.  Use a heat rub, the kind you would rub on sore muscles, to help loosen a frozen lock.

9.  Park facing east, so that the sun will melt most of your snow for you.

10.   Toss a piece of carpet or an area rug over your windshield to keep off the ice and snow.  Remember to tuck it under the windshield wipers to hold it down, then toss it in your trunk when you're ready to go. If you happen to get stuck, you can also use it to help you get traction. A win-win situation!

And always remember to dress for the weather.  Our cold northern winds added to the temperatures can be dangerous for frost bite or exposure to the elements. 

Keep safe, keep warm ..... and we'll make it through another winter!

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