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I have compiled just a few of the quick and inexpensive updates that almost anyone could do to make their home more comfortable and/or for quick re-sale.

It's all about the details .... kitchen cabinetry is expensive to replace so taking a more cost effective way for a change would be to have your cabinets re-faced. Cost is about half of what new cabinetry would be. The do-it-yourselfer may like to try re-staining or painting the cabinets. Give them a quick sanding down and decide if you are going to stain or paint, and away you go. Don't forget about the hinges and handles, a quick, inexpensive way to finish off your project. By changing out the hardware, you immediately have a new look, even without re-facing, painting or re-staining.

A couple of gallons of paint go a long way. There is no better way to spruce up your home than with a fresh paint job. Go with what colours make you comfortable, however, if you are planning to sell, keep your colour choices in the neutral range. This will allow the potential purchaser to feel like their lifestyle will "fit" with the home.

Bathrooms are not really cost effective to remodel, but by changing to a dual low-flush toilet, will be an added value feature, and is quite cost effective. Newer modern faucets add a lot of character, and of course, a fresh coat of paint will make the room shine! Remember to clean the grout and if you have sliding shower doors, make sure the tracks are sparkly clean. Use your accessories as your pop of colour and you can change your accessories to match the season - a very economical way for a new look.

If you are comtemplating changing the flooring, there are many well-priced laminates available today that are easily installed by the do-it-yourselfer. If the flooring and/or carpeting is still in good condition, have everything professionally steam-cleaned. This will add to the life of the carpeting/flooring as well as a very fresh and clean aroma enveloping the house.

Lastly, but not least, curb appeal. Make sure your lawn is maintained and if you have flowerbeds, fill them with some colourful perennials and annuals. Make sure your stairs are maintained and clean. Painting railings along with painting the interior front door are inexpensive ways to completely change the entrance appeal of the home.

By making your home warm and inviting, you add value if you are selling, or added comfort for the next couple of years as you enjoy your home.

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