Seller Blindness

If you’ve lived in your home for awhile, it’s easy to develop what is known as seller blindness.  You may be used to seeing the same spot on the rug for so long that it ceases to be important.  However, these little things are going to catch the eye of a buyer that is seeing your home for the first time.  Other common areas that a lot of home sellers forget to address include:

  • Peeling linoleum, missing grout, old tiles
  • Faulty fixtures you’ve gotten used to
  • Spotty carpets
  • Pet odors
  • That crack in the sidewalk that you’ve tripped over for fifteen years

The list could go on and on...  If you're not sure what needs to be addressed in your home, and you're thinking of selling, give me a call!

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Nikki Burgess

Nikki Burgess

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