We've Come A Long Way...

With winter around the corner and the promise of sub-zero temperatures, it makes you wonder how the settlers of this province managed to do it in their tiny sod houses. Believe it or not, they made use of their own type of "energy efficiency" program.

The sod itself had a thermal quality where it retained heat well in the winter, and remained cool in the summer. Good stoves were an essential heatsource. Fuel is where the "efficiency" got creative, as Ron Petrie's article in the Leader Post (Settlers met cold truth) describes. Where wood was scarce they would dig their own coal, or burn dried buffalo/cow manure.

Housing has defintely come a long way since those early days, but one thing that is for sure is that efficiency is still top of mind even with today's technologies. There are plenty of programs and grants out there for the energy minded home owner to take advantage of. Do yourself a favour this winter and check out SaskPower's and SaskEnergy's current efficiency programs and pioneer yourself a few extra bucks in savings.

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