You've creeped addresses on Google... but now you can actually housecreep!

So... there is a new tool out there for anyone seeking added information on homes or properties in their area that they are interested in getting another layer of information on... and it's called:

What is it?? Well Housecreep describes itself as "an online community that chronicles the history of homes from all over the world by crowdsourcing publicly available information and personal experiences". Essentially it is an online database of user submitted posts that chronicle things like news articles, historically significant events, reviews, noted residents, possible property stigmatizations, and associated them with an address or location.

For buyers this means you now have an extra tool in your home buying arsenal when background checking properties that you are in the process of buying or considering putting an offer in. Please remember though, just because the address is not listed on the website doesn't mean that the house you want has a clean history or has a clean bill of health. It is still on YOUR shoulders to inspect! Feel free to call me if you need any advice on this.

For sellers you'll need to know about this website too. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market it would be wise to check to see if your address is already listed on the site. If there is false information about your property on the website the Housecreep administrators have a policy in place for that. However, they say that "we only remove blatantly false or malicious posts from the website", so it will be important to know what is being said about your property. If anything needs to be disclosed to a buyer it is extremely important for it be done in the proper manner and in a professional way. Hiring a professional listing agent (like me) makes a huge difference to protect you from any after-the-sale liability. Again, feel free to call me if you need any advice on this.



And yes..... Regina is already part of the database: CLICK HERE


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