It's international Animal Day! Love is in the air!

For animal lovers and alike:

Those of us who have decided to share our life, family, and home with these lovable creatures share one thing in common... that our lives will never be the same without them!

I've always been surrounded by animals since I was a kid. My first pet was a rabbit, such a lovable being. Then came the dogs, cats, hamsters, even a wild rabbit! Yes! A very wild one! Let me tell you the story of how 'Rabbito' (which means 'short tail' in Spanish) as I named it came into my life. 

It was a cold day of autumn, when my hubby, knowing how passionate I am about animals, came home with this tiny baby rabbit.  Imagine my surprise! I was puzzled, didn't know what to say... I guess the first thing I said was 'where did you get this baby from'? To make the story short: my husband's friend was mowing the lawn and almost run him over with the lawn mower. Not knowing what to do with it, he picked it up from the ground, put it in a shoe box and brought it to his girlfriend. Sadly, his girlfriend didn't want anything to do with it and that's how he ended up in my care... Well, despite my love for animals I had never taking care of a baby one and leaving him outside to fend for himself wasn't an option as his chances of survival were minimum or non existent without his mother. 

I fed him vegetables and fruit puree for the first weeks until he was able to eat the raw vegetables and dry food. He was very smart and sweet. My husband and I would come home from work and he would stand by the fridge waiting for his broccoli, carrots, and all the fruits he loved so much. At the beginning he would let us pet him. He responded to his name and came running towards us when called. But that didn't last too long. In any case, our plan was for him to spend winter in our home and we would release him into the wild in the spring. However, he started chewing on everything, the rugs, furniture, even cables! And even though he would let us pet him at the beginning the more he grew the wilder he became. It's like if his wild instinct kicked in all of the sudden and he wouldn't let us pet him anymore. He started running inside our tiny apartment and we understood at that moment he wanted to be wild... So I did what I thought best and called the Wild Life Center of Toronto (I should've done that from the start, but wasn't even aware this center existed), they told me to bring him in to be rehabilitated to live in the wild. It was almost the end of winter... With a heavy heart I brought him in, though knowing he'd be living among his own gave me much comfort... Gotta love rabbits, wild and all!


Noelia N.

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