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Keeping the correct humidity level in your house is important for you and your house. Little moisture is beneficial but too much is dangerous. 

Recommended Relative Humidity Level

Between 35% - 45 %

When Humidity is Too High

If the humidity level is too high, moist air gets trapped in corners, basements and closed areas like the attic and bathrooms. Too much moisture creates mildew. Condensation on windows causes water to drip over wood frames. Over time, wood may rot. Moist areas are the breeding grounds foe bacteria and mold which can have an adverse effect on your health.

How to Remove Excess Humidity

You may need to use both heat and a dehumidifier. If a bathroom has a window, open it. Put the exhaust fan on to draw the moisture to the exterior. In spring, use a dehumidifier in the basement to remove dampness.

When to Add Humidity

Using heat in cold winters can make the air dry and uncomfortable. Your health may be affected, and wood items in your house may crack. Adding a central humidifier to your heating system is the answer.

Maintain an Optimum Humidity Level

A hydrometer is a small instrument that shows the relative humidity level. It is inexpensive and easy to use. It can guide you in adjusting the humidity levels in your house. 

Source of information: Quality Spec Inc.

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