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How To WOW The Home Buyer!

Many a home improvement is judged on the merit of how it improves the value of your home. Structural changes that are usually hidden may not necessarily add to the resale value as much as you might think. These 'improvements' are generally considered necessary maintenance.

As an example, a new water heater will most likely save you a lot of money but it doesn't have that 'WOW' factor that encourages a home buyer to pay extra because it looks great.

Home buyers want to know and will usually assume that your foundations are sturdy and the electrical wiring and plumbing is up-to-date. However, if they see paint flaking, old carpeting and non-existant landscaping, they won't be impressed. (Unless they are buying a fixer-upper )

Every so often a house renovation is necessary to keep it in tip-top condition. Once a house is allowed to fall into disrepair, not only does the value fall, but it can cost you extra in living expenses. A poorly insulated house will increase your heating and cooling costs. Guttering that is allowed to rust out can cause water damage to your walls that will cost more to fix than the guttering would have cost to repair or replace.

It would be wise to do a bit of research to see where home decorating trends are headed. If you are concerned about adding value to your home, decorate with the market in mind. Not everyone is looking to sell their homes within the next few years but this rule of thumb will certainly add value to your biggest investment rather than just drain your bank account.

So if you're thinking of spending money to improve your home for sale, talk to a real estate agent before you do. Good real estate agents know from experience what, if anything, you should spend your money on, if the objective is to maximize the value of your home. Find out which repairs and improvement projects will bring a positive return on your investment, before you hire a contractor or spend time on the do it yourself fix-up.

Don't be one of those weekend warriors who bites off more than they can chew. They run out of time, or perhaps money and never get the project completed. When you begin thinking about a plan for improving your home, start off small. New cupboard knobs can make a huge difference to the look of a kitchen. Here are a few more home improvement diy ideas:

  • Update light fixtures
  • Paint
  • Replace flooring
  • Change window coverings

These are all simple home improvement ideas that give a good return for money spent and tend to create a huge WOW factor. That is, they are readily seen and appreciated. Along with adding value to your home they give you a great deal of personal satisfaction. Value is not always measured in financial terms.

If you're going to put money into a home renovation or improvement, you want to be sure you're going to get money out of it. Which home improvements will increase your resale value?


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