It’s A Great Time To Paint!

Spring and fall are seasons that are traditionally associated with fresh vibrant color.

Paint! ... A fresh coat of paint can be your way of taking a leaf from nature's book and add some color to your home. More than any other, spring and fall are ideal times for both interior and exterior painting.

Exterior painting can be a challenge in the high temperatures of summer. Spending the whole day working in the hot sun can be physically taxing and if your home has flowerbeds and landscaping next to the house, it can sometimes be difficult to get close to your painting surfaces unimpeded.

Fall offers cooler temperatures to make the work a pleasant task. Since your garden is about to be retired for the season, you don't need to worry about damaging plants as you go about your task. Fall offers other benefits for the house painter.

The cool crisp air means that you won't be plagued by insects and pollen landing on your newly painted surfaces and sticking there as the paint dries. Best of all, with the addition of a coat of paint or stain, your wood surfaces will have added protection against the damaging effects of winter snow and ice in the months ahead.

You've got a significant investment tied up in the wood siding, trim or railings of your home. It pays you to extend its lifespan by ensuring that water damage is kept at bay. Good maintenance can give you added years of enjoyment before you have to deal with replacement costs.

Perhaps you've already done some renovating or replacement work and are ready to paint your new woodwork for the first time. If this is the case, you may want to consider using stain instead of paint.

Paint can crack and peel over time and normally requires the very time-consuming and labor intensive job of scraping and sanding to prepare the surface before repainting can begin. Transparent or semi-transparent stain can offer you a beautiful protected finish without the unsightly peeling properties of paint.

Unlike paint, stain becomes absorbed into the wood. Each time you re-apply it, you simply add additional stain on top of the existing woodwork. Unlike years past, when stain colors and finishes were extremely limited, today's stain products come in a vast range of finishes and colors to suit every taste and décor.

New labor-saving devices are now available to help make your painting chores a far easier task. Spray paint kits with a selection of nozzles for different purposes can be purchased for about $100. Or you can elect to rent one for a weekend from a tool rental service.

Sponge tip paint applicators offer a far more exact edge than you can get with traditional paint brushes and are ideal for fine trim work such as window panes. Applicators with built in rollers to keep your edge a constant distance from an opposing wall are perfect for corners. Make sure you discuss all your options with your home improvement store staff to make the right choice.

If the prospect of becoming a paint expert in your home is too daunting, call experienced professionals you can find on my website and recommended by other sources, as well.

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