Kitchens and Bathrooms

Two Homebuyer Hot Buttons

Two homebuyer hot buttons are kitchens and bathrooms.

Home Sellers, however, have a few other concerns.

When it comes to renovations, most Homeowners are concerned with two factors:

First: What will the benefit be to me in terms of my own personal enjoyment.

Second: Which home improvements add the greatest resale value to my home.

Over the years, the answer hasn't changed.

Without question, the areas most worth improving are the kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether it's an investment as simple as a coat of paint and upgrading fixtures, or as extensive as all new cupboards, improvements to these two areas will generally deliver the greatest level of personal enjoyment and draw the greatest attention and appreciation from potential buyers.

When it comes to resale value, the more visible the improvement, the better.

You want to create a strong first impression, rather than concentrating on expenses that aren't readily apparent on a buyer's walk-through.
For example, new floor tiles or counters will likely create more buyer interest than an equal investment spent on a hot water heater, or plumbing.

However, while kitchens and bathrooms remain the mainstay in the decision-making process for home buyers, what has changed is what today's consumers are looking for in these two important rooms.

A recent survey conducted by a prominent national renovation and design group revealed that there is now a greater interest in kitchens and bathrooms that are more kid-friendly, and also more environmentally friendly.

Kitchens with sitting areas that are easily accessed by children - such as stools at a counter or island, or even an informal sitting area similar to that of a family room - have tremendous appeal.

An increased interest in environmentally friendly homes may also bring with it a desire for natural materials, and fuel efficiency in the operation of appliances. Innovations such as a recycling station in the kitchen, where families can easily sort and organize their returnable items are the order of the day.

Computers are also playing a bigger part in day-to-day life for most, and a computer area in the kitchen is now on the 'wish list' for many prospective homebuyers.

Whether you're thinking of selling, or simply want to invest in some home improvements now, that will enhance your resale value at a later date, a real estate professional could help. A real estate agent can offer you expert advice about what today's buyers are looking for in homes in your area. (Agents have seen many kitchens and baths and talked to numerous homebuyers ... they know what's hot!)

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