A Wise Move

A WIse Move

All attempts to achieve begin with a single move, though not all is achieved with a single move. The decision to buy in the Toronto neighborhood rather than rent has without doubt placed many Toronto homebuyers on the path to realizing their dream lives, but where exactly do they stand, individually? In retrospect, many first-time homeowners today agree on one thing: that a bright welcoming smile on a lender’s face, spelling out “sweet mortgage,” had easily won them over (and quite frankly, a large portion of their month-to-month paycheck for years to come). But that is then, and this is now –a time to move forward, closer to the freedom attached to being mortgage-free and a true ‘owner.’ That the value of their Toronto house has outgrown it’s mortgage is a fact oblivious to many homeowners, usually because of beliefs such as that it is ‘too soon to move.’ Fair enough, but the real question: is there a time too soon to be debt free? Imagine! This might be one of the better times to act on intuition in the Toronto real estate market because housing prices are high! Of course, there are questionable forecasts, that if adopted with a high frequency, may become reality. However, on the other hand, if you are strategic in your actions you can grab your equity, move to a place of choice, sit back, relax, have your cake, and eat it too. If a bubble does break, you'd have capitalized and be ready to jump back in the dance. So, what will be your next move (pun intended)? Whether you are looking towards buying in Toronto or Selling in Toronto, do you have the right help and information to ‘capitalize’ and move?


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