HOUSE & HOME: 2014 Paint Colours of the Year

They may call it mellow yellow, but it will liven up homes in 2014.  That's because mellow yellow is one of the hottest colours for 2014, expected to take the spotlight in all areas of interior decor.

Next year's stand out colour is best described as a butter cream yellow, a warm pastel shade that has a fullness to it but is still light enough to act as a neutral.  CIL Paint has announced 'Creamy' (50YY/77/285) as the brand's 2014 colour of the year.

It's a soft, buttery colour that emits a feeling of calm, tranquility and renewal and creates a stable environment in which to pause and refresh.  It's a very easy colour to live with, continuously delivering a ray of warmth no matter what the weather outside.  And because creamy yellow is so versatile, it is easily incorporated into any decor. 

Besides calming our mind, butter cream yellow are said to positively impact our overall well-being.  Reminiscent of flowers, the sun and summer, they make us happy and optimistic and infuse us with a sense of quiet strength and order.  Warm yellows are, therefore, a good choice for any room -- from bedrooms and family rooms, to bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas, highlighted both on the walls and through accessories like pillows, throw rugs and decor items.

Since warm yellow is an adaptable, soft hue, it works extremely well when paired with other colours.  Good combinations include brights of a similar saturation level as well as citrus colours, blues, purples and greens. 

Being a warm neutral, creamy yellow also works well with other warm neutrals, such as taupes, soft browns and light greys.  In fact, warm neutrals from all colour families top the colour chart for 2014.  For added richness and depth, paint the year's hottest neutrals in rooms accented with wood or leather furniture.

Benjamin Moore meanwhile, is taking a different tack, naming a pale blue called 'Breath of Fresh Air' (806) as its top choice for next year.

Calling it a gorgeous, ethereal blue that is livable and functional, the company chose the colour because they were seeing it across several different environments - it’s their new neutral.  The Colour of the Year and Colour Trends 2014 palette is a direct result of the fresh colour cues and pastel trends seen throughout the home furnishing, fashion and even pop culture landscape.

For the 2014 Colour Trends collection, Benjamin Moore decided to break away from the pack with a collection that is not only rich and enduring, but livable for today's homeowner or designer as each hue resonates with many different styles. As colour rarely exists in isolation, Benjamin Moore designed a palette of 23 colours that not only stand on their own, but also work well in harmony allowing the transitions of spaces and colours to flow seamlessly.

Then there’s Farrow & Ball - rather than pick one top colour for 2014, the British paint maker has spotlighted four top hues to “bring us back in touch with nature”: Cooking Apple Green (pale, cool and comforting), Stiffkey Blue (deep and dramatic for a contemporary, relaxed feel) and Purbeck Stone and Mole’s Breath (two strong neutrals).


The company says the colours “reflect our instinctive need to turn our backs on the hard flat surfaces,” that dominate modern life.