TRAVEL CANADA: 20 Best Places to Travel in Canada for 2014

Buzzword is 'sequicentennial' and Canadians are going to hear lots about it and maybe a few will even learn how to pronounce it properly.

In 2017, Canada marks its 150th birthday.  The celebration begins this summer when the sesquicentenary of the 1864 Confederation Conference turns Charlottetown - nicknamed the 'Birthplace of Confederation'- into a 68-day party zone, beginning July 1.  The festivities continues in Quebec City, which also played a vital role in the building blocks that led toward the 1867 British North America Act that established the nation’s constitution.

Voters named destinations for their significance in 2014 as well as notable anniversaries, events and festivals.

1. Charlottetown, PEI
2. Quebec City, QC
3. Fogo Island, NL
4. St. Andrews, NB
5. Winnipeg, MB
6. Cave & Basin, AB
7. Vancouver, BC
8. Nahanni National Park, NWT
9. Montreal, QC
10. Discovery Islands, BC
11. Calgary, AB
12. Whistler, BC
13. Toronto, ON
14. Ottawa, ON
15. Western Newfoundland, NL
16. Halifax, NS
17. Chilkoot Trail, BC
18. Laurendière-Mauricie, QC
19. Haida Gwaii, BC
20. Prince Albert National Park, SK