Ask the Expert - Halloween Edition!

What is the scariest thing I need to watch out for when buying a house?


As Halloween approaches, its not the ghosts, goblins or trick or treaters you need to watch out for when buying a house! Here are some things that could be really scary:

Skipping the Home Inspection: A client of mine decided to have a home inspection done on a brand new home he was buying. Something was wrong with furnace and it was emitting C02. Never skip having an inspection - I’d say C02 poisoning is pretty scary.

Paying the Deposit Late: That would be a breach of contract where you not only could you face losing the house, it opens you to being sued for losses incurred by the seller. I’d rather face a Vampire than the Courts.

Buying a New Truck: Why is this scary? If you’re approved for your mortgage and then buy a new vehicle, the monthly payment added to your budget could either disqualify you for the mortgage or reduce the amount you’re qualified for. Very scary if you’ve already removed all conditions & now cannot Complete on the sale!

Have a happy & safe house buying experience...I mean Halloween!

Written by Paige Ghoulson 


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