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In addition to my regular business of helping people with their real estate needs, I also work with Divorcing Couples. I help them value their real estate for asset division purposes and if needed, will market their home for sale. Please click here to learn more about this.

With a new year upon us, it's time to make resolutions, write down goals and start new. We make commitments for business and set a plan for weight-loss and promise to spend more time with our families. If you're separated, but not yet divorced and find it's taking much longer than you thought or hoped, consider writing down some goals.

Like any other goal, you will be setting your intentions with regard to the progression of your divorce. Here are some ideas:

1)  Make a list of what needs to be decided. (Asset division, custody/access, support, living arrangements, employment, etc). You may not know how these things are going to be settled but you're more likely to take the steps toward a resolution of you know what needs to be resolved.

2)  Write down beside each goal, who is going to help you. It may be your lawyer, an employment counseller, an appraiser, real estate agent or lender. By knowing who needs to help you, you will know there are professionals who can offer you their advice, support and experience.

3)  Make a timeline as to when you'd like to accomplish each goal. By doing this you not only will take pro-active steps toward what needs to be done, you can let the people involved know what needs to happen next. While you won't have control overy everything, you will know that you are doing what you can to settle the divorce and move on with your life.

In my experience, going through a divorce is a very reactive kind of process. Often people move from crisis to crisis with needing a break in-between. This volatile up and down might be avoided if you set some simple goals, get the right people involved and keep them on schedule. If you can stay away from creating crisis, you will be more likely to mediate the terms of the divorce and stay out of court.

These are just some of my blog thoughts...if you'd like more information on how a real estate professional can help you during a divorce, please feel free to call me at 250-549-2103 or click here to learn more


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