June 30, 2011 Market Stats - North Okanagan

Single Family Residential Homes in the

 North Okanagan as of June 30, 2011

Prepared by Paige Gregson with information gathered from the Okangan Mainline Real Estate Board.


Total number of Single Family Residential homes listed for sale on the MLS   

June 30, 2011:   870

  June 30, 2010:    880  

Inventory is down 1.14%


Single Family Residential Homes that have sold in the Month to Date 

June 2011: 73 

June 2010: 50

Sales Month to Date are up 46%


Single Family Residential Homes that have sold Year-to-Date 

  2011:  313  

2010:  396

Sales Year to Date are down 20.96%


Historical Listings & Sales of Single Family Residential Homes in the North Okanagan


Total Listings by June 30 Total Year-To-Date Sales

                                                        Listings                        Sales

                                                    2011                        870                              313

                                                    2010                        880                              396

                                                   2009                         743                               382

                                                   2008                         726                               427

                                                   2007                         409                               633

So - the market is showing signs of being in recovery with June sales being significantly up over June of 2010. However, Sellers need to continue to price at market value and not above due to the inventory remaining virtually unchanged. It is still a buyer's market but with the BC Association's forecast of sales to exceed 2010 by 5% and in 2012 to see another 3.1% increase, they would be smart and get into the market now and not wait any longer as we're on our way - slowly but surely - into a more balanced market.

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