The Secret Store....

What is The Secret Store?

It's Enderby Jewellers and they will be celebrating their 66th anniversary on October 10, 2013!

When I first moved to Enderby, in 2001, I came upon this store and owner, Judy Dangel. I  have since come to learn that she worked in the store as a young woman and when the store owners asked if she wanted to purchase the store from them, she jumped at the opportunity and together with her loyal staff, have created a store our "LIttle City" is proud of.

Enderby Jewellers has become a landmark, not only in Enderby, but throughout the North Okanagan. They attract not only local shoppers, but also visitors from across the western provinces, who enjoy travelling to the Okanagan and the “Secret Store” in the heart of Enderby to browse their unique selection of giftware.

What I love about the store is, first and foremost, their service. They remember me by name and whether I am buying a small gift, like a figurine in the Willow Tree series for my great Aunt and Uncle or a garnet-stoned ring for my Mom on her 60th birthday, I am given their time and attention and it is always a pleasant experience.

The other thing I love about the store is that every purchase is registered under my phone number. It makes it very easy and convenient to buy those Willow Tree figurines without buying a duplicate - after 10 years of buying them, I cannot keep track of which ones I've bought!

Lastly, they gift wrap for free, making my gift-giving even easier!

Visit them online HERE or even better, head to the Little City of Enderby and discover the Secret for yourself!

Okanagan Advertiser  -  65 Year Anniversary & Judy's Story

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