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First, let me tell you a story. Before I became a real estate agent in January, 2008, I had never before had a good real estate experience. Specific to buying a property, I was interested in a recreational ski condo and was at the start of my search. I saw a condo I liked, had a few questions and emailed the agent. I never got a response. I then saw another one and emailed that agent. I never got a response. The third agent I emailed promptly emailed me back, answered my questions and offered more of his services. We spoke. I liked him. And so we worked together and I bought a condo - and not even the one he had listed!

This experience has led me to believe it is not a unique one and as a result, I strive to let everyone who contacts me feel respected and deserving of professionalism no matter what they're buying, what price range they are in or what stage they are at.

Some who contact me are in such an early stage, it has taken years for them to be in a position to buy a property. Sometimes it's due to a passing of a spouse and it simply taking time before they are ready to move and downsize and sometimes the right investment hasn't yet come along and they are patiently waiting for an opportunity or they are waiting for their transfer papers.

No matter where you are in the process, I am committed to taking your desire to buy a property seriously.

Here is what the process generally looks like:

  • I will ask you questions about what you're looking for in a home in terms of size, bedrooms, garage, price, etc, but I will go beyond that and ask about whether or not you have children, if you need a dog to be contained in the yard and what your lifestyle is like. This will help me with suggesting what areas might work for you if you're new to the area and what schools service which areas and proximity to hiking, cycling, etc. 


  • I will set you up to receive an email of all homes that fit your criteria and this email will go out whenever there is a new listing or a price reduction that fits your criteria. That way, you won't have to scour (although I know you still will!) and a nice little notice in your inbox will let you know there is a home for you to view. You can choose the frequency of these emails to suit your purchasing time frame. Those who want to buy now opt for the daily update while those who are not yet ready are happy to know on a weekly basis what is on the market.


  • When you're ready to view properties, I ask that you highlight the ones in your list that you'd like to view. I will review them to first find out if there are any pending offers on them and I will check to see if there is anything unusual about the property that might not work for you - ie - former grow-op, when the property was last purchased, how long it's been on the market and what the tax-assessed value is. We then create a short-list and remove any that have been eliminated due to the above process.


  • Once you find a home you'd like to make an offer on, I will do a market analysis that includes recent sold comparable properties. This is after we have done a thorough look of the home before making the offer which includes checking out the crawl space, walking around the outside of the home and generally looking at the condition of the home to help me determine market value.


  • I will then discuss with you the offer price and the terms and conditions of the contract including the amount of the deposit and completion and possession dates.


  • Once an offer is negotiated and in place, I coordinate with your lender and get them a copy of the accepted contract so they can submit it for final approval and order an appraisal if necessary. I will recommend a home inspector and book it for you. We will attend the last 40 minutes of the inspection so that a walk through of deficiencies can be done. I will walk you through the other subjects and work closely with you to remove them.


  • Once subjects are removed and the deposit is paid, I book the moving van for you if you are moving locally and my office sends the contract over to your lawyer or notary. If you do not have one, I can recommend one to you. You then sign the mortgage and transfer documents and pay the balance of your down payment and the property transfer tax a few days before possession and then viola! you're the proud owner of a property!


  • We then meet on the day of possession and do a walk through to ensure everything is as it should be and I leave you to unpack. Sorry, I don't move people, I just make it possible for people to move!


That's the process in a nutshell. I look forward to an opportunity to help you buy your next property!

Paige Gregson


Paige Gregson

Paige Gregson

CENTURY 21 Executives Realty Ltd.
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