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What an exciting time to be in South Pointe! Spring at it's finest! This past weekend, families were out in droves. At one point, from our deck, we counted 30 people using the paths beside the lakes as far as we could see. The pathways are a great way to get exercise and to see the neighbourhood. What's new in the neighbourhood? Construction, always construction. New houses are going up constantly as our neighbourhood continues to grow. For me, the most exciting construction started just last week. Ground has been broken, and survey stakes have been placed for the new, yet to be named, school in South Pointe! It is really happening! They are anticipating that classes will begin in September 2016. This new school will be a dual track English and French Immersion K-8 school. In addition, there will be a day care centre. I can hardly wait! If it all goes according to plan, my daughter will be among the first to 'graduate' from here. New and exciting things to come in South Pointe! Come and be a part of the action! I would love to help you find a home to call your own in my neighbourhood!

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