Summer Has Been . . .

Fun! Free! Wonderful! Is it really almost over? 

What a great summer it has been! So many amazing events in and around Winnipeg. As a family we have been enjoying Assiniboine Park - Music, Movies, Jazz! Oh, and then the beaches! St. Malo, Pelican, Gimli, and Grand. Oh, I know there are many more, these are just what my family enjoyed this year. Then there are the ice cream places - DQ of course, but also BDI (a few times I am happy to say), Sargent Sundae, Marble Slab Creamery and the list goes on.

What's not to love about summer in Winnipeg? We have, for the most part, had amazing weather to enjoy spending time outside in the summer sun and at the outdoor pools - have you been to the one at Kildonan Park? Walks, bike rides, tours . . . Some torrential down pours made for some visual excitement (and some devastation) and put us on the national news with canoeing and snorkeling in the streets! Oh us hardy Manitoban's we know how to find the good in a situation!

This past week has seen more rain and cooler temperatures. It helped me realize NOT to take summer for granted. We have one more week until school starts to get out there and enjoy it to the fullest! Embrace it while you can, I've heard nasty rumours from the Farmer's Almanac!


Pam Sawatzky

Pam Sawatzky

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