What in the World?

So many things happening in the States right now that are affecting us here in Canada too.  The bombing at the Boston Marathon and the ensuing man hunt.  The explosion in West, Texas.  Both devestating events, hitting me differently but both so impactful.  

Boston shakes us because it was not a mistake.  It was planned and calculated.  People living with hate and disregard for human life.  Did they feel remorseful at all?  I cried, well, sobbed like a baby really, when I saw a picture of 8 year old Martin holding a sign that read, "No more hurting people Peace".  

Then in West, Texas - an explosion so intense it registered 2.1 on the Richter scale.  Much more devastating in scope.  Many more lives lost and damage done.  Officials are still holding back on giving actual numbers.  So quickly everything can change.  Loss of life, family, health, home, community. . . 

Closer to home we all experience glimpses of this too.  When someone is diagnosed with an illness; an accident or even a close call; a fire or as our family experience this week a LOT of smoke.  

It has got me thinking about my family and what I build into their lives.  So I will love a little deeper, hold on a little longer and spend a bit more time with those I love.  It can all change quicker than we want to realize.

Pam Sawatzky

Pam Sawatzky

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