Watering Your Lawn Do's and Don'ts

Best Tips On How to Water Your Lawn, How Much to Water Your Lawn and When is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn.

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Summer has finally arrived, and so has lawn maintenance. Before you can relax and admire your lovely emerald green stretch of lawn, you have to ‘use a little elbow grease’.

Grass is usually very resilient.  By providing proper growing conditions for your grass, grass will defend itself naturally and help to prevent diseases. 

Here are some watering tips to help your lawn grow strong and healthy at home:



DO water every 5-6 days during the warm season.

DON’T water during the heat of the day (you lose l/3 of water to evaporation).

DO water early in the morning.

DON’T over-water as you will lose nutrients and encourage rot and disease.

DO set sprinkler water spray close to the ground, not in high arcs.

DON’T water too frequently, as it encourages shallow roots and weak grass.

DO soak the area for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

DON’T water at night, as it encourages disease.


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