Is your home ready for children?

The other day I was thinking about how quick time flies and how quick the kids are growing up.  That lead me to start thinking that it was time to "de-childproof" the house.  But wait...what about my family and friends who visit with little ones?  Do I have to make sure the house is still "childproofed"?  Is this something that I should be worried about should a child get hurt in my house? All of these things crossed my mind and I couldn't help but think that it is probably best I leave the child proof items in the house least until the time the kids get even bigger and we don't have as many "little ones" running around.  Wait a minute...grandchildren on the horizon? my house never going to be "de-childproofed"?

Anyway, take a look at some child proofing ideas that I came across in this article posted on the Houzz App.

Any thoughts? 

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