Halloween Safety Tips

Tonight’s the night for the ghouls and gremlins, superheroes and villains, princesses and monsters to roam your neighbourhood in search of a bag full of treats.

But it’s that time of year again, when the days are shorter and the weather much colder and wetter, so there are a few extra precautions to take before heading out to the streets for treats. Here are some tips that certainly aren’t new, but should serve as a good refresher so parents and kids can have a happy Halloween. 


Safety tips for Halloween costumes.


1. Make your kids’ costumes stand out by adding reflective tape, glow sticks or bicycle reflectors so they're more visible to drivers.

2. Make sure costumes fit properly and don't drag on the ground. Flame-resistant doesn't always mean fire-proof. , Nylon or heavyweight polyester costumes are best.

3. Masks can hinder a child’s vision, so opt for face makeup instead. But if you choose to keep the mask, make sure it fits securely and has eye-holes large enough so that he or she can see.

Safety tips for trick-or-treating.


 1. Know who your children are going trick-or-treating with and when they will be home. Younger children should always be accompanied by parents or guardians. Set a curfew, no matter what age your kids are or who they are with – if your child is going with another parent, make sure the adult is aware of the set curfew.

2. “Tell children to turn down all invitations to enter homes. Period!. Don’t forget to give children specific neighbourhood boundaries and only go to homes and neighbours they know and that have their lights on.

3. Remind your kids to stick to sidewalks and be cautious when crossing streets. While you should let your kids go trick-or-treating early, avoid rush hour. “It’s harder for motorists to see clearly during twilight than at any other time of day,” .

Safety tips for parents.

For Parents:

1. Communicate with the parents of your children’s friends. Know each other’s set curfews and make sure you share contact information.

2. Drivers, be alert! Children will be preoccupied while trick-or-treating and may not practice the safest rules of the road.  Drive at or below the posted speed limits and scan the road for children crossing the streets mid-block.

3. Don’t forget to check all the loot your kids bring home. While the ‘razors in candy’ and similar scenarios are rare, Check all candy before eating. 


Have a great halloween 

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