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The Webber Brothers Trio
Friday February 24th, 7 pm
The Cove Inn - Westport
"To many, The Weber Brothers are the baddest band in the land. To many others, their story sits like an ancient volume in an old bookstore, dust covered, tucked away behind hundreds of newer, shinier books. Untouched. Waiting to be discovered. Regardless of what side you’re on, there’s an undeniable truth. In the rough and tumble world of rock and roll, The Weber Brothers have been around the block
Coco Love Alcorn
Friday February 24th, 8 pm.
FolkUs Concert Series
Almonte Old Town Hall
“Coco is the ultimate musical spark plug… an electrical connector
through which the creative energy flows. In my thirty years of touring
around the world, I have never seen another performer able to bring
people together like Coco does.”

— James Keelaghan, Summerfolk Artist Director,
and renowned Canadian singer/songwriter  PERTH RESIDENT 
Turpin's Trail
Saturday February 26th, 7pm
The Perth Tea Room
This year they have been chosen as the headliner for Fogo Island’s Brimstone Head Folk Festival. Their high energy and synergy captivate crowds, and they have shared the stage with David Francey, Sarah Harmer, the late Ron Hynes, Leahy and others. We are so thrilled to be finally bringing Turpin’s Trail to Perth." - Steve Tennant
Upcoming shows with The Listening Room Series
Sunday March 26th - Arlene Quinn
Sunday April 23rd - David Olney
Sunday May 28th Jim Bryson
Sunday June 18th - Morgan Davis



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