Spring is coming! Are you ready for the thaw?

Tips for the spring thaw:

  • Remove the snow from around the foundation of your home to a spot where it will drain away from your property
  • Ensure your outside pipes are insulated and that your indoor pipes are getting sufficient access to heat to prevent freezing
  • Know where your home's main water shut-off valve is in the event there is a leak or a pipe bursts
  • Extend your downspouts and make sure your eaves and window wells are clean of debris
  • Check the grading around your home to ensure water runs away from your foundation
  • Check your sump pump to see if it is working and consider installing a backwater valve as additional security
  • Check foundations for crack and fill them with suitable material to prevent water from entering
  • Check your basement regularly for dampness and other signs of water
  • Check your roof to ensure that there are no missing or worn shingles
  • Consider installing a leakage detection system that will alert you when there is a water leak in your home

Hope you find these tips helpful.

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