Many people don't realize the importance and impact of color design, but it has tremendous influence on every aspect of the things we buy and use every day.Many expert designers believe you can't go wrong with white and it's many variations.If you plan to sell your home, it is wise to recognize that certain colours become fashioable at certain times, and even impact the way that others view the size and possibilities of the space. If you can increase the comfort level of a prospective buyer, you could even increase the value of the offer you receive.


 there is good reason for this thinking. White is, in effect, a combination of all the colors (while black is the absence of all colors). The many variations of white have the complementary effect of neutrality.This means that you (or the purchaser of your home) can introduce any color theme into the white background, and come up with a winning combination!

Pat Macleod

Pat Macleod

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