8 week countdown to listing your home.-week 5

Time to tie up some loose ends

We've created the plan,  decluttered and made repairs, and are on the road to completion of some of the "face lift" projects.  Now you are probably wondering how to live in a home that is upside down.  Take Heart.


This week we make sure everything that we have started is complete before we move on.  

For decluttering: If you have bags and boxes all over the house and garage now is the time to transfer them to their planned destination.  Go to the dump or rent that dumpster.  Take everything to a local charity that you want to give away or arrange to have it picked up.  In Barrie there are so many worthy charities that need your help. Put stuff on kijiji or e-bay if you think it may not fetch the price you want at a yard sale.  (This is a great job for teens.  Offer to give them a percentage of the profit).   Have that yard sale! 

The repairs: Cleaning up is usually the hardest part.  If you have painted, clean the brushes and trays or throw them away.  Throw away any packaging (making sure to keep any transferrable warranties for new items).  FINISH any work you have started.    To get your return on investment the job must be 100% finished so get that trim work done!   Fine tune everything!  

Take photographs of your work to see what the listing pictures may look like.

Take close ups.  How do they look? These will be photos that get potential buyers in the door.  This is a good time to make sure all light bulbs are replaced with the highest wattage safely allowed for 

These d
etails are time consuming but worth it. Remember that work not done in a professional manner 
 will take value away from your home and your hard work will be pointless.

Next week:  Cleaning and decorative details. 




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