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This has happened before.  I am working with buyer clients who have found a house online that they would like to see.  The home is being sold privately.  When I inquired about showing the home I was greeted with. "We are not going through real estate".   Okay.  So, let me get this straight.   Because you have chosen to try to sell your home without professional representation, you expect everybody else to waive their right to have professional representation?!  You will refuse a valid offer brought to you simply because a Real Estate Sales person prepared it professionally? 

First of all.  I applaud you for trying to sell your own home.  In fact, I hope you succeed.  If you have the time and patience and know-how to get through what is arguably a stressful process at the best of times, by all means do it, and Congratulations on your efforts. Most Sellers who are selling their home on their own will welcome an offer from anyone with or without a REALTOR®. Here is my issue.   Potential buyers have the right to hire a professional REALTOR® or lawyer to represent them in the complex purchase of the most expensive item they will probably ever own.  By not allowing, or not accepting an offer from a buyer simply because they have hired a realtor is blatant discrimination, and quite frankly you are throwing away a potential opportunity to receive an offer on your home which now-a-days, are a little harder to come by. 

There are only a couple of reasons that I can think of why a Seller would flatly refuse to work with a buyer who is being represented by a REALTOR®.  The first and most common reason is, they are afraid they will be obligated to pay a commission to the REALTOR®.   The second possible reason is that the Seller is trying to hide something that an inexperienced buyer would not catch, or the house is overpriced and again the Seller is hoping to get a "higher than market value" selling price.  Either way, a red flag goes up for me every time a Seller refuses to even allow me to SHOW their home.  In the case of commission, payment  can be negotiated with a buyer as easily as it can be with a Seller.  For me, it's a case of making people happy and everyone getting what they want.  

Buyers! REALTORS® are strictly governed by the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, the Ontario Real Estate Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association, and the Real Estate Council of Ontario.  If you feel a REALTOR® has done something wrong you can file a complaint easily.  The same protection is not there for you if you buy privately.  Caveat Emptor.  Let the Buyer Beware.


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