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“The interface between man and machine ... is more important than the power of the man or the power of the machine in determining overall capability.”

-Shyam Sankar from "The rise of human-computer cooperation"

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When we explore apps , we do so for two reasons. One, we hope that some aspect of the technology we use will help improve our life, either personally or professionally. Two, we hope to expand our perspective on the myriad of ways technology can intersect with our lives in innovative and even whimsical ways. We like to look at the full spectrum from the big challenges to the "little hacks" that reveal all the collaborative potential a networked society has to offer.

If you feel resistance to technology and consider yourself something of a luddite, I would urge you to not think of advancements in digital technology as anti-human. The human race does not exist on a number line with the human on one end and the technological at the other. We have always made use of tools, and the power of those tools does not diminish our place in the world. In fact, as Shyam Sankar's quote suggests, the interface between the two defines our overall capability.

Innovation is not always progress. Innovation is the creation of the new, but for the new to prove progressive, it must integrate with society. Awareness and interaction with innovation helps us determine what is useful and what must be revised or discarded. You can't be a part of that process without participating. Interact. Experiment. Choose your tools. Not everything is a revolution, but with your participation you can be part of the evolution.

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