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Scribd's New eBook Buffet

Scribd (pronounced by many as "SKRIB-dee") has finally thrown its hat in the ring as the next all-you-can-eat option for eBook readers.

Billing itself as "Read unlimited eBooks for $8.99/month," the service is one of many looking to become the "Netflix of books." (You've probably noticed "Becoming the Netflix" of something is a pretty common form of disruptive start-up these days... from streaming television to streaming music, there's a definite trend away from owning media permanently.) While Scribd will continue to be an incredibly popular free document sharing and reading platform, this move to the eBook market signifies an huge shift in strategy.

It's an alluring model if you're already an eBook junkie. While I still enjoy the smell of a brand new book from a local bookstore, there's definitely plenty of room for the convenience of eBooks. (Especially at the $8.99 price point.)

No Kindle is required. Scribd offers an app for your on-the-go reading. Even if you're not a big reader of eBooks, purchasing a gift subscription for friends or family can be a great way to show your appreciation (and ensure they're reminded of your consideration each time they download a book).

Try your free month's trial at the Scribd website:

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