Selling a house....how hard could it be?  From the many homeowners who have attempted to sell their homes themselves, the answer is, "much harder than it looks!"

 You may have heard the term "For Sale By Owner" or "FSBO", which means that a property owner is attempting to sell their property without the services of a Realtor.  Doing this presents some unique challenges for the seller, including but not limited to the following issues:

 1. Homeowners tend to overprice their homes.  Factoring in sentimental value alone, owners often price their homes as distinct, unique properties rather than one of a number of similar properties in the area.  Up to date pricing is key to generating initial interest in the property for sale.  Your local Realtor is farmiliar with your local market and can assist with pricing your property correctly.  

2. Education on realty legal matters is crucial for any owner thinking about selling a property, especially for those without professional real estate guidance.  Disclosures, legal forms and contracts must be in place and real estate laws must be adhered to in order to avoid any vulnerability to lawsuits.

3. Advertising exposure generates significant interest in a property, and sellers going through a Realtor benefit from the wide influence of being included on the Multiple Listing Service, a powerful tool available to Realtors.  In addition, having your property showcased on Century 21's local and international web sites with full screen high resolutions photos will certainly provide the additional exposure your property deserves.  

Remember your Realtor only gets paid when your property sells, so we will do whatever it takes to make sure you achieve your goal and ours. That being, completing the sale of your property to your ultimate satisfaction.

Patrick Daley

Patrick Daley

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