Why Sellers Shouldn't Be Home During A Showing

You shouldn't be home during showings of your property.  That's good advice often given.  Would more sellers follow it if they better understood why?

Firstly, buyers won't get as good a look at your home.  Feeling like intruders with you there, they'll be too embarrassed to flush toilets or open closets, and will rush through the showing so they can leave.  That's exactly what you don't want to happen, as buyers aren't very likely to buy a home they haven't thoroughly examined.

Similarly, buyers may hesitate to speak up about your home if you might be within earshot, refraining from asking questions or exchanging observations amongst themselves.  The less buyers talk about your home, the less likely they are to connect with or even remember it.

On the other hand, buyers who aren't afraid to speak up in your presence might just say something that could hurt your feelings or otherwise rub you the wrong way.  If you bring those negative emotions with you to the negotiating table it could cost you money or even the sale.  When you're absent for showings, you help avoid that risk.

Lastly, you might say something you shouldn't.  You just never know what you could let slip in front of buyers or their Realtor that could hurt you during negotiations or put buyers off your home.  Even a seemingly benign comment like "we love how quiet it is", might be a concern to buyers as it may not sound like a kid friendly community.  It's natural to want to talk and that is exactly why sellers should sidestep the temptation altogether by stepping out during showings.

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