Century 21 Advantage Bowls for Kids

We were all quite surprised when they informed us this was the 29th annual "Bowl for Kids" in support of Big Brothers and Big Sisters through the Youth and Volunteer Centre in Red Deer. 29 years is a feat for any annual campaign. For a fundraiser that is truly inspiring. So many causes try different events and have to change tings up in order to achieve their goal.

Today was a lot of fun. Each participant gathered pledges for the bowling. On average we raised approx $200 per person for our 8 person team. Some more some less etc... The bowling was stress free "Bingo Bowling". Noting to do with skill really just get what ever is on your Bingo card. Strike, Spare, 5, 7 4. 3 etc... Apparently our team was quite adept to hitting 2's and 4's and not so much wit the strikes and spares. Janice was heard saying "This is much harder than bowling on the Wii"

Our Team consisted of the chair and coordinator Mike Phelps, Tara Devereux, Gavin Heintz, Danielle Davies, Janice Resch, Tim McRae, and Patrick & De Galesloot. We're looking forward to next year and becoming even more involved.

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