Dog Gone Showings

Showings of your home when you have pets can be a little more tricky than those that don't have them.  Not everyone is a dog or cat lover, and the sight, and or smell of pets can be enough to turn some buyers off your home.  So what's a pet lover seller to do?

Here are a few tips:
  • Vacuum the pet = hair away.  Its the pet dander that can be the culprit of allergies, so a thorough vacuuming will aid in eliminating some.  Not to mention removing the recent shed from the carpet or couch that just fell.
  • Wash the dog bed, the walls by the dog bed, and open a window.  Those lovable dogs love their smell, but for us humans... not as much.  You can tell where a dog sleeps most often due to a stronger odour so a wash can do wonders.  It also helps to rid the oil and dirt build up he/she leaves after snuggling in against the wall.
  • Scoop the poop.  Litter boxes need to be fresh, fresh, and more fresh.  Why wait to buy princess her new litter box and "premium" litter when you can freshen up the litter box room literally.  Scooping also applies to Fido, some buyers will want to walk your back yard and that's the last thing you'd want on their shoes or socks.
  • Pick up the toys.  While usually this rule is for toddlers, it also applies to the four legged kids.  Ever accidentally step on a dog bone or cat toy?  Make all walk ways and rooms free and clear of toys, bones, brushes and pretty much anything like that.
  • Brush your furry loved one.  They love it, and it rids the house of hair. We've been there "More hair? I just vacuumed!"
  • The yard has its own do's and don't s.  However, don't let the snow hide those "landmines", and if you can deal with the pee rings.  The non dog owner doesn't want to buy a home with a ton of work and a well played in, peed in, scratched up yard can be a turn off.

Probably the most important rule when selling your home with pets is....

Whenever possible remove them from the home.  Your dog may be friendly and nice but with a stranger entering your home?  They can be protective and loud.  It's best to utilize a dog daycare if you cant take them to work.  Your dog will love the extended play date and socialization with other dogs and there is no worry about "I hope Rex didn't eat the drywall today".

Cats, they may require a removal as well.  They may not be as loud but they have been known to perform, sneak attacks, litter box stink bombs, carpet butt wipes, and the infamous hairball hack up.  Might be worthwhile finding a feline getaway.




  1. Jeff Gingerich 11/15/2012 at 12:58 PM

    Great advice Patrick. One of the more memorable moments in my career occurred at a public open house and involved the seller's cat. They left the cat in the garage with a sign on the door not to let him in. A visitor missed the sign and in came "Cujo". He perched on an armchair near the entrance to the home and hissed, spit and growled at visitors. Needless to say, open houses are now preceded by a conversation with the seller about the need to have everyone out of the home including pets!

  2. Patrick Galesloot 11/15/2012 at 9:13 PM

    Oh man that's funny, yet scary. Cats can be so unpredictable. Cant blame the animals for being protective of their home though can we.
    Thanks Jeff.

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