It's Always The Right Time To Buy

"You always say now is the right time to buy, come on you're full of it"

I believe that real estate is a long term buy and hold investment so yes, buy now.  The trick or "catch" if you're looking for one is the selling side of the equation.  When should you sell or "cash in" is often of greater importnace than the buy.  

Buying or selling real estate is also a personal decision.  It may not be the best time for YOU to sell YOUR real estate, but it might be. 

Lessons learned from my grandpa, was a topic I blogged about a few years ago:  // This was in my message then and still is today:

What lessons can I learn from Grandpa and leave a legacy for my children? 

  • Buy early
  • Hold onto your property
  • Borrow less, lend more

The question shouldn't be "when should I buy real estate?" but really should be "when should I sell my real estate?" or "should I sell my real estate investments?".

Why you should sell involves a personal one on one consultation regarding tyour house, your mortgage, your plans to move, relocate, upsize, down size, and when you bought.  It's best top talk to your REALTOR® and see when it is best for you.

Patrick Galesloot

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