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Seems like Red Deer enjoys when their Mayor is treated like one of the masses, a regular citizen if you will.  Recently the Mayor, Tara Veer, posted the image of the snow windrow in front of her home, with a caption that said something like "no special treatment".

Perhaps I am in the minority here, but I think the Mayor of the City of Red Deer should be getting special snow removal attention.  Not just because Tara is the Mayor, but because the Mayor is important to the City.

From an emergency preparedness stand point, I would think that a 3 or 4 foot frozen mountain of snow in front of the Mayor's driveway may limit her ability to respond to a disaster, emergency or a crisis.  Is it wrong that the Mayor and her street should be included as part of "priority route" snow removal?

What if the City of Red Deer had to endure a crippling blizzard that damaged power lines and services to 1/3 of our residents?  Is this the regular citizen approach we want?

I wonder how often "Rob Ford is a regular guy" has been used?  You can see Google results here.

My point is, the Mayor, Tara Veer, is no longer a regular citizen.  She can't complain on Facebook about poor customer service, she can't have loud conversations at lunch about the jerk who just cut her off, or the rude whatever, or poor reception in , etc....  Every room the Mayor walks into, no matter the time of day Tara Veer is "The Mayor of the City of Red Deer".  With that responsibility comes the burden of being ready for an emergency and reacting to adverse conditions in the community in a timely fashion.  The last thing a community would want, you'd think, would be for their leader the Mayor, trapped in their driveway behind a windrow of snow.

***Note I do not live on Tara's street, nor do I live in Red Deer.****  I do not benefit from her receiving priority snow removal, I just firmly believe the mobility of the City's leader should be a priority regardless of the season because we can't plan when a disaster will strike but only how we can react.

If you'd like to comment great.  I've already heard:

"I like that she doesn't expect special treatment"

"I like that she's getting treated like a regular citizen"

"It's not like she lives in the boonies"

At least be creative if you disagree with having your leader mobile, and accessible for a City Emergency. 


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