Morrisroe Landmark

Morrisroe is a great family neighborhood in Red Deer, not just because it is close to schools, and parks but the character really shows.  The house styles have a great variety, look and feel to them.  Some of that may have been influenced by St. Mary's Catholic Church.

St. Mary's Church

The church is an early work by Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal. The inspiration or centre focal point is the altar. The entire design and flow is centred around that. Inside, the church is built in the round and the exposed brick is largely unadorned. The floor slopes irresistibly toward the altar and the pulpit, and both are illuminated by a pair of deep skylights that seem to be natural extrusions of the ceiling, which itself echoes the slope of the floor. The ceiling is supported only by a row of narrow columns toward the back of the church. Almost every element inside the church reinforces the sinuous exterior of the building and no doubt contributes to its quiet ambiance and remarkable acoustics. The design of the church enhances the space by bringing all members of the congregation into close proximity with the altar which is the centre and focal point.

St. Mary's Church sign

The church is an early work by Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal.The sod was turned for the beginning of construction on June 26, 1966 with completion of construction in November of 1968.

St. Mary's Church 2

If you have a chance drive by the church and take a tour through Morrisroe.  I'm sure you'll appreciate the green mature trees, the schools, play grounds, and the different styles of housing.  Sometimes we get comments regarding new houses looking more and more alike.  I always found Morrisroe to have a blend and variety, and a pleasant area, perhaps it has something to do with growing up there.  Let me know what you think.

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