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Blogging is a relatively new Endeavour for me. So far I have to say I like it. I like it a lot. It's an opportunity for me to spread the word about this fine place I call home, live, and work in. It's also been great to spread the word about real estate, the benefits to owning real-estate, what's happening in the market and so much more.

A Century 21 Colleague recently tagged me in a Blog sharing thing (Joel Ives). He stated as do I not sure if this was what the intent was, but here goes. Something of an online Tag, or those chain mail email that we get that you answer a quirky survey to find out if you are like Bart or Homer, yet without the survey. More so share 7 things about you and TAG seven others to do the same.

Thank You Joel for inviting me. Joel is on the other side of the country on PEI. A place I'd love to visit and through his blogging efforts I know more about.

Seven things about Patrick the Blogger.

  1. I've move here three times. First in 1977 with my family we headed west from Sudbury Ontario. My parents split and I moved to Saskatoon in 1983 and lived with my Father. In 1988 I returned to visit and that visit turned out to be permanent after mom said, "get a job". I left in 1992 to attend U of C in Calgary to later return with 3 kids and a loving wife in 2002. We now live outside Red Deer in Penhold, so yes I've moved here 3 times.
  2. Previous to real estate, I had a career as a restaurant manager. That is where I gained my managerial skills and zest for working with the public, which I now enjoy daily with real estate.
  3. I love skiing. I don't get to ski enough but I have skied in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan (yes Sask.) and Ontario.
  4. I did take computer in school for one semester in grade 10. No typing I took French , Oui, Oui. I was not on the internet at all until I joined Century 21 Advantage in 2002. Prior to I had no email, no internet and certainly no Blog.
  5. I am the middle child. So hard done by because of my place in life. Ha! I have an older Brother and Younger sister and three step brothers. I am the 2nd oldest of the clan now that we are extended.
  6. My mom and step father ran the brokerage previous to me (John and Margaret Anderson). My Aunt Janice (Johns Sister) is my business partner together we own and operate the brokerage. We come from a family rooted in real estate, especially on Janice's side.
  7. Unlike Joel, I do not listen to Milli Vanilli and never have. I'm more of a Hard Rock guy having played the guitar since I was 10, and grew up during the Metal Years. You're more likely to find a CD like Metallica in my minivan (yes I have 3 kids) than any other type of music unless Kendra (age 10) is along for the ride then alas it is Hanna Montana.

So There you have it a little about me, Patrick Galesloot. Perhaps these small insights help you in getting to know me more than the Blog guy here. Now I Tag Ryan Topley, Brenda Ellis, Ken Devoe, Margaret Anderson a.k.a MOM, Hugh Bray, Jason Neumann, and newbie Dawna Providenti. All of whom I follow on their Blogs, and you should as well. Thank You Joel for the invite.

Your Friend in Real Estate,
Patrick Galesloot

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