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Royal Wedding early this morning has our household buzzing.  Our 12 year old daughter is very interested and enthusiastic about the event.  We have a date to watch the replay.  1am was a little early for her to get up on a school night (according to her mother).  All little girls aspire to be a princess or be treated like one?  Guys, we're more excited for the super bowl I think, well at least I am. 

In Red Deer, the subdivisions are alphabetical with names of streets referring to last names. In 1964, the Old Timers Association convinced the City to use pioneer family and prominent residents' names for the streets. Morrisroe was the first subdivision where this new policy was followed.(Michael Dawe Articles)

You're probably not going to find a "Prince Charles" street in Red Deer, you will find a Coronation Park in honour of the Queen.(Previously blogged)

This may be a stretch but we do have the following "Royal" listings:

As far as regal area names go you could say that Lancaster bears such a name.

Of course we have some people in our office that, well, may suffer from delusions of grandeur?

Your home is your castle, and if you need a bigger castle, a smaller castle or a castle near the lake.  We can help.

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