Should I Wait Until Spring to Sell?

Historically sales decline the closer we get to Christmas.  Often that decline in sales volume starts after the peak in Spring activity.  However, the real estate market in Red Deer is showing a bit of a different trend this year with respect to MLS® sales activity.

Halfway though November and it appears we are on the same pace as previous Novembers.  Possible a bit higher volume, but its premature to forecast .  We can, however, point out that the monthly activity on 2013 has been strong this fall compared to previous years.

Sales, Number of
Jan 85 91 85 99
Feb 115 103 135 142
Mar 120 150 155 169
Apr 156 126 200 175
May 151 178 198 210
Jun 132 170 188 183
Jul 126 150 158 168
Aug 94 139 130 164
Sep 121 118 138 157
Oct 76 127 138 158

While in past years we've had to make adjustments to declining volume in the spring, this year the difference in volume from July hasn't been that great of a margin.  Our fall Red Deer real estate market has been very positive.  In fact last month (October 2013) was the strongest October in recent years.  You can see how ell 2013 compares below, with 2013 MLS® sales volume being the bright yellow line.

So, should you be leery about putting your home on the market?  It doesn't appear that way.  While there is increased sales activity every year in the spring, there is often increased competition.

Often we'll look at the number of new listings coming on.  New listings-New Sales= listing inventory carried over.  Basically not everything sells every month.  In fact that ratio is closer to 65% today.  As a result, I think it is very important to look at the total number of active listings each day, week or month.  You should notice the yellow line at the bottom.  This is the number of active MLS® listings for 2013.  The fact that it is the lowest or one of in recent years is a good thing for sellers.  This is a great indicator of the strength of out market, and the balance we have.  Yes there is competition, it is not a "buyers" market, and your home could sell better today than in the spring.

We do offer complimentary market evaluations.  If you would like to find out your homes current value before you list.  Please contact us at 403-346-0021.  We'd be happy to consult with you to see where your home could be positioned in today's market.

Patrick Galesloot


Century 21 Advantage



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