Snow Love

Beautiful cold, winter Sunday today.  It actually is warmer than it was earlier in the week but a bit colder than yesterday @ -13C.  Yesterday the wind was blowing and the roads were just terrible to be out.  Friday morning it was -42C with the windchill and I witnessed a car travelling down Taylor drive dragging the electrical cord for the block heater behind it.

We can moan and groan about how cold and terrible it is then a day like today comes along.  Sure it's cold out, but with the right gear it can be enjoyable. 

The sun is shining and there was some Hoar Frost this morning giving a white crystally glow to everything.  The sky is exceptionally clear blue and little to no wind.  A great morning to take our dog Bayou for a run. 

He loves the outdoors.  We have a regular walking area on the west side of Penhold by the bird sanctuary that is quiet and allows us to train Bayou on and off leash with out worrying to much about traffic or other distractions.

Have a great week.  It's rumoured to get colder this week and snowy again.


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